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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lunch Date At Cafe 1228

Whenever friends meet, it is always made more enjoyable by a hearty appreciation and serving of food, shared over raucous laughter and engaging conversations. So when two of our good friends met up with us today, we had lunch at Cafe 1228, the in-house restaurant of New World Hotel in Makati.

Cafe 1228 has a promotion called Half on Half at Cafe 1228, which gives you a 50% discount on their buffet, for lunch and dinner. The promotion only lasts until the end of March, so hurry and avail of this spread while you can. (You may view the promotion details here.)

This greets you when you enter Cafe 1228.

"Standard" appetizer served at every table.

Nuts over nuts.

Vegetarians, stay away from this board.

Go for this instead, Vegetable Cannelloni (which was good).

Oddly-cut pizza.

Not too many cheese choices, but they had what I wanted.

For the bakers-at-heart.

A small sampling of their Japanese offerings.

Various tempuras.

My first plate, out of...never mind.

I loved their noodle presentation.

Local fare is ably represented.

Roasted chicken + delectable brown rice = don't miss this

Not quite kaldereta: it's Beef Bourguignon.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

An almost-generic carving offering, Hawaiian Ham.

The guardian of the dessert section.

Words would ruin the moment.

Yes, summer - and mangoes - are here.

Nothing wrong with chocolate-dipped strawberries.

Eyes glazed over caramel glaze.

We saw these, and they were good.

Creme Brulee in really big cups.

With green tea and lemon, this was definitely...on a roll.

It just invites you to dive in.

Cafe 1228's spread is what I would describe as manageable, as opposed to so many spreads that commit the sin of offering too much, for too much. With the current promotion that New World has, it only costs 794 pesos per head, inclusive of all taxes and charges. My camera didn't capture all of their dishes, but I'm pretty sure you will find something for everyone. 

Their (price) promotion lasts only until the end of March. 

Go. Now.


  1. Wow, the food is superb, I like how they prepared and plate it! I want to try this resto.

  2. awww! Too bad it's only for March! Hope they can extend it till the end of this month, so I can also try them out with my whole family!