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Monday, January 9, 2012

Parody. More Fun In The Philippines.

Something we can rightfully claim, we certainly know how to have fun and make fun of ourselves. I've heard criticisms that we focus too much on the fun that we don't mind the suffering, and I view it as a chicken-and-egg situation: Do we make fun of ourselves because all we've known is hardship, or are we in dire straits because we're just too enamored with fun?

(I still maintain that humor and using it to our advantage is an excellent coping mechanism.)

With the just released DOT slogan to attract more visitors, it was inevitable that we would also have fun - and poke fun - with it. I scoured cyberspace to see a few of the more memorable parodies of the "It's More Fun In The Philippines" campaign. (I'm certain more will be coming up in the future.)

One thing that was highlighted viewing these interpretations that I love about the Philippines: Free speech.

(Photo courtesy of George Tapan/

I've always loved the visual feast of the rice terraces, aside from the fact that they are functional, they're a treat to look at. And it always blows my mind that this is all hand made.

(Photo courtesy of George Tapan/

When I heard that there was a parody about commuting being "more fun" here, I thought it was a gag or prank initially.

(Photo courtesy of George Tapan/

Whimsical, and certainly seems to embody the word fun.

(Photo courtesy of

Two words came to mind seeing this, "game sila!"

(Photo courtesy of

I'm still not sure what the "face" is made of, but it's certainly interesting.

(Photo courtesy of

Looked like an ode to Finding Nemo, and a nod to our rich marine life. Let's make sure future generations can see this in person and not only thorough books.

(Photo courtesy of

I'm not sure where this building is (or what the name is, even) but it certainly beats a face filled with Botox.

(Photo courtesy of

Star Wars fans, the force is with...balloon.

The next two photos are from Tim Ramos/

I think I was more impressed with the anagram that Tim Ramos made for his website using his name. Coolness.

(Photo courtesy of

I wished the font used was a little smaller, but the participants certainly look like they're having fun. And colorful, too.

(Photo courtesy of

Really laughed at this one, and so far, my favorite parody because of two things: lechon tastes great and I don't get planking/I think it's idiotic.

Here's to more parodies.

And here's hoping the new DOT campaign really takes off.

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  1. The "anti-aging" building is called "The Ruins" in Talisay, Negros Occidental.