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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Veggies In An Unlikely Place

Having had to be at Newport Mall yesterday, I chanced upon Stackers Burger Cafe. I was actually looking for brunch since I hadn't had breakfast yet and it was past 11 in the morning already.

News flash for mall goers heading here: It starts off sleepy and late; officially it's open by 11AM, but you'd be hard pressed to find more than 50% of the stores ready for business. Some didn't even have personnel - the metal gates were pulled down - while others weren't really "ready" as employees had their hair curlers and what looked like sleepwear to me still on while fixing their stores up.

Stackers was one of the outlets that looked "on time" (read: the employees got there way ahead of 11AM to prepare for the day's business) as everyone was dressed properly, the manager was present and the place was lit up. On their floor, it was either them or McDonald's for brunch choices. (Another side note: never go to stores that say they're open for business at 11AM but the lights are down. I went to the restaurant beside Stackers and they said their chef hasn't come in yet.)

As can be gleaned from the name, it's primary product is a beef patty served in a bun. Or 2 burgers in a bun. Or 3...You get the drift. Which made me want to get something else, my irrational side getting the better of me. They also served fried chicken and the usual suspects, e.g. fries, the usual pair with burgers.

So it was no surprise flipping through the menu that my eyes gravitated towards the only vegetable entry I could find: Vegetable Omelette. (PhP 138.00) Of course, you could quibble that it really isn't strictly a vegetable dish, so I guess you could say this was the proverbial "lesser evil" choice (fat and calorie wise).

The food was freshly prepared owing to my being only the 2nd customer at that time, always a good sign. They have an open kitchen so you could see the preparation of your food. Utensils are provided already at the table in a basket with a linen cover, with containers of ketchup and mustard as well. (They use Heinz, which I like better than the other brands.)

The omelette was deceptively flat looking, and looked blah at first sight, even thought the hints of green were peeking under the egg cover. It came with 2 rather large pieces of bread, which had a hint of something I still can't name until now. (I should have asked the waiter about it.) It was a set order so it also came with a cup of coffee.

I decided to "butterfly" my omelette to see how big it was:

Yes, it practically covered the whole plate, including the bread that it came with.

I have to say I was not disappointed at all by the dish. The egg itself could have used a little more flavor, but the filling was pretty standard from what I normally expect and see from restaurants that offer this dish, and it sustained me until past 6PM so again, don't be fooled by how thin it seems when it's initially served at your table.

The bread was the best/unusual part, because it seemed like "plain white" but had a distinct but unidentifiable flavor that was pleasantly surprising. And the coffee was strong, the way I like it, so caffeine fiends can add this to their list of places to find unexpectedly good coffee, and I don't mean the mochfrappulatte orders we see proliferating in coffee shops, I mean actual coffee.

All in all, I had a filling experience (literally). I will have to go back in order to do justice to its namesake, that is, to actually order the house specialty.

Stacker's Burger Cafe
4th Floor, Newport Mall,
Pasay City (Across NAIA 3)

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