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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wanted: Law-Abiding Lawmakers

I was about to sleep last night and just went online to check on the latest news feeds - I wasn't in the mood to hear the voices of news readers offering their opinions along with the news.

One item certainly caught my attention: A lawmaker wants the "evil" depiction of their profession in TV or films to be stopped.

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The first thing that came to my mind was, "Is this a gag line?"

Rep. Aurelio "Dong" Gonzales, from the 3rd District of Pampanga, has proposed House Resolution 2140, with the rationale being "these negative typecastings influence the general public, especially the young children, into forming a negative impression about the members of the House of Representatives".

Kung hindi kami druglord, kung hindi kami murderer, kung hindi kami warlord, bakit ganyan?...Yung mga bata, may nakapagsabi kasi sa akin, ganyan pala yung mga congressman, mga masasama...

You know what they say about children, they have an instinct for cutting through the BS and just saying it straight.

Even for argument's sake that what these children said was based on how lawmakers are depicted on television and film, I have a question for Cong. Gonzales: Are you saying that these portrayals on the big and small screen have no basis in reality?

Wasn't Cong. Ronald Singson just released last month from his 18 month jail term in connection with the case of possession of illegal drugs, in Hong Kong? I remember because as soon as he arrived here, they held a mass to celebrate his homecoming. The juxtaposition of a jail term with the mass is something of a godsend for comedians as endless comic fodder, and thankfully, I am not a comic.

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Then there's Rep. Romeo Jalosjos, jailed for rape, and meted out two life sentences (the equivalent of 80 years) but was granted "executive clemency" by a paragon of upright morality (cough, cough), and was able to walk free last 2009. Notable in this instance is the non-admission of guilt by Jalosjos. I also just found out that all these years, Jalosjos is one of the owners of TAPE, Inc., which produces "Eat Bulaga", that long-running noontime show.


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And of course, who can forget the original "small lady", Pampanga representative and former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo? She is, as has been publicized, facing a plethora of charges: a civil case on her alleged role in the Maguindanao massacre, electoral sabotage and plunder charges as well during her reign as President.

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To Rep. Gonzales: these are not the "figments of imagination" of some writers or directors who "portray" you as warlords, rapists, plunderers. These are facts. These portrayals that you deem unfair have their basis in reality. These are not kathang-isip (made up in one's mind), they were yesterday's news, today's news, and I have no doubt, tomorrow's news as well.

You do not make a resolution in order for people to have a good impression of lawmakers. You will need to walk the talk. You will have to act accordingly if you want to be accorded due respect and be seen as good examples to children. You do not go out of your way to blame artists for their ability to mirror what happens in real life unflinchingly and without apologies and reservations - they are being true to their calling, and to their craft.

As lawmakers, it is time to be true to your calling. That begins with upholding the law, not just in word, but in action and in deeds.

It's always been instilled in me by my parents that you cannot demand respect. You must earn it.

Let me know if this concept seems mind boggling, Rep. Gonzales. I will gladly patch you through to my mom for a full lesson.

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  1. "You do not make a resolution in order for people to have a good impression of lawmakers. You will need to walk the talk."

    Well said, man. Funny how they try make it seem like they're the victims, like they're misunderstood, and stigmatized. I just ask myself, "Is this a TEEN movie of some sort?" I can't believe my tax deductions go to these.... people. >__<