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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Sweet Letter For $@>£%

Please, take it all in.
(Courtesy of

Dear $@€£@,

You mother&%#*+< ?#!%#?bag.

Do you see what you've done?

You have given citizens an impetus to &@;/#* and ]+=¥% around a single cause: freedom.

A few weeks ago, this could all have been settled if you had the ?><^% to apologize to the _#£|¥%^{} that you ,?!',~ from, but you just had to ride your uppity @$& in our €#%^}, did you?

You are £]<¥#%. The voters will remember this, I guarantee that.

We are past the point of no return, as far as your $&@);(:-! standing is concerned. You, given so much power and trust, chose to £€#~ us from behind, and you are not only not \#*{}, but you seem to think that you can continue ?!'>}*#^% it as if no one will care.

We care.

We care very much because we love this country. Despite its' flaws, despite the many things that we are ashamed of, or exasperated with, or have given up on; you have only succeeded in mobilizing everyone into a common, powerful cause. €}=+*!? with a basic democratic tenet will usually do that.

You have succeeded in doing the opposite of what you wanted to happen. In a strange way, we have to thank you. If there's one thing I know about this country, it's that its' citizens will band together when everyone is under threat. 

So, because this letter is long enough, I just want to thank you, and leave you with these words:

PROCREATE you very much.



  1. This is what we get for electing @#$!&%^+ on the basis of @#!$%^&*.

  2. That's a yummy-looking cake there! Btw, your last sentence to "procreate" is meant without condoms, right? Otherwise, it would defeat the purpose of procreation and be against "natural law" and "the will of God," right? :-)