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Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Joy Of Feria

Our stay at Radisson Blu in Cebu was nicely punctuated with a visit to Feria, the hotel's in-house restaurant. The restaurant was large (even by Manila standards), or maybe I should say, sprawling. It had an airy, spacious feel, which was a nice change of pace from the usual places where chairs can't help but bump into each other. (Those darned chairs.)

The Manager on Duty (MOD), Ms. Phen David, met up with us for dinner. (Full disclosure: she comped the meal. But at PhP 800.00, I would have gladly paid for it myself.) She was - rightfully - proud of the spread at Feria.

What could this be?

Pictures really are better than words. (Well, sometimes. This is one such time.) And without further ado...

My staples: tuna and salmon sashimi.

I made sure to get the labels.

Where everyone was flocking to.

This brought out the mouse in me. Wait.

Which do I use?

Baked Tangigue. Enough said. More eating.

And they had actual Chinese chefs to prepare these.

Char Siew Pork - always a yes.

I have to have my arugula!

Requisite Cebu drink. This cheered me no end.

Hey, I have veggies! See?

A sampling of Chinese fare. (Yes, I'm biased.)

My first Coq Au Vin. It has nothing on adobo.

I was more excited to try the salsas over the steak (both were good).

They make their own ice cream. Don't miss this.

Coffee creme brulee - a mistake before sleeping, but perfect otherwise.

The "fill this glass up!" dessert. Mango overload. YES.

The MOD insisted I try this (Bread Pudding). I'm glad to have done so.

Interesting design to view while munching away.

This is a great food stop if ever you are in Cebu. Beep, let's meet here the next time I go over to your neck of the woods.

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