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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Euphoria In A Pizza

Who knew fusion could be this much fun, and deliriously delicious?

I have been seeing online updates on Sebastian's Ice Cream on their latest creation: Leche Flan Ice Cream Pizza, and I knew I had to have it. However, I was also not relishing having to go to Mall of Asia and then having my hopes dashed because they might have run out of the lovely new "pizza flavor" - their Facebook page states that this is their most successful flavor debut, and judging by the comments and requests, I certainly have no doubt that this is the case.

(See for more information.)

So when they announced that they would replenish their stocks on _____day, I made sure to be there.

This was a first for me: having dessert before lunch. But I decided that if I was going to make the trek, I had better have something to show for it. I made the right decision because just after I was done, a trio entered the store, entranced by the picture of this heavenly creation on the wall.

The first scent that wafts and permeates my senses is the distinct sharpness of orange.

The cookie crust is bathed in this citrus note (a personal favorite), although I expected the cold storage to have gelled  the crust better (as can be seen, some of it has chipped off, and when you plunge your spoon through it, some of it falls off further, but this is a minor quibble).

The concoction is topped by a sliver of silky leche flan (fair warning: diabetics had best stay away from this dish), melding ever so harmoniously with the thicker layer of ice cream of the same flavor, and duly accented by that bit of butter and orange melange at the end.

I had to physically place my spoon down to savor the symphony of delights rolling in my mouth.

I no longer cared what I would be having for lunch.

Catch this creation - if you can - at their branches in Mall of Asia, Katipunan and Podium. Do refer to the Facebook page link I included above for specific information, and more importantly, to inquire if there are stocks of this guilty, guilty pleasure.

In case you were wondering what other surprises they have in store for you, here is a sneak peek at their offerings:

Top flavor is what I am most intrigued by - blue cheese.
I can vouch for the green mango sorbet with actual bagoong - a must.

Another flavor I aim to try: colorful sapin-sapin.
(Not sure I'm as rah-rah over the champorado below.)

Yes, that's Maple. Bacon. Pancakes. In ice cream.

Another nod to a local delicacy, I heart.

If you've been saving up your calorie count or are looking for what to have on "cheat" day, this is an excellent place to splurge it all. When food artistry and gustatory pleasure combine so ethereally, you can't help but feel that maybe, just maybe, you can have a piece of heaven on earth.


  1. Because of this, I now wanna go there, I usually pass by that area after a movie at MOA! Nice write-up...I'm now your new follower. -Joy of

    1. Thank you, Joy! I also follow your blog now :) BTW, I tried to access your newest post but Google warned me of malware may want to see if there really is (although it could be a precautionary thing by Google, I prefer to err on the side of conservatism, I will try to access your site tomorrow)