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Monday, May 27, 2013

Jewish-Iraqi On A Plate

While waiting for the 10PM showing of The Fast And The Furious 6, we decided not to stray too far away from the theaters for our dinner. Newport Mall was a sea of activity - nope, make that an avalanche: there was a concert, with a variety show and raffle prize-giving in between spots. The mall didn't have a large floor area to begin with, and the seats of the restaurants provided an added obstacle course for people who just wanted to use the escalators.

We settled for the very first available table we could see of any restaurant (yes, all the eating places were SRO), which was at Cafe Mediterranean. I'm used to ordering kebabs whenever I find myself in this staple that Art and I have enjoyed over the years, which was a good enough reason to try out something else.

One of the menu inserts proudly proclaimed the "return" of an item that made a brief appearance and requested by patrons for a comeback, the Sabich (PhP 145).

What particularly drew me to it was the description: "A Jewish-Iraqi sandwich with eggplant, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, hummus, tahini and sliced boiled egg." I don't think I have ever had anything remotely resembling Iraqi cuisine ever touching my lips, and the ingredients pretty much sounded "standard" for a dish from the restaurant's namesake.

I wish they had warned me about the jalapenos. (In person or in the description.)

My first bite was tasty, fragrant...then quickly evolved to fiery hot until my tongue felt a tinge of numbness. (How's that for an odd juxtaposition of words?) Even though I have been warned by numerous cooking shows not to take water in or the spicy sensation will last longer, I couldn't think of anything but downing my full glass of water. I spent the rest of the time looking for the tiny bombs of heat that clouded what I could tell - as much as my recovering tastebuds allowed me to taste, anyway - was a chunky, filling and yummy sandwich. (I do like eggplants. And hummus. And tahini.)

Maybe I should come back again to give it another try. Just hold the peppers.


The Cafe Mediterranean
Cinema Level, Newport Mall
Resorts World Manila

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