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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Calamansi Cupcake Fix

Having seen so many cupcake stores springing up all over the metro, I always go back to the moment when a cupcake actually held my attention for more than five seconds: one hot summer in Boracay - my first time to the so-called 'party island' - we attempted to avoid the crowds and heat by ducking into a store that turned out to sell these wonderful, little pockets of joy.

Calamansi cupcakes.

It had that tart-sweet medley from its namesake fruit, but none of the acidity that can be a little too much at times. It was possibly the first time I looked at a cupcake in a different light - I used to dismiss them as 'filler' desserts. Fast forward to today, when entire stores are opened celebrating the little bugger. I guess my cavalier treatment of it returned to bite me in a decidedly big way, given its size.

On my recent trip to Boracay, I was greatly disappointed to find that when we got to the store, it had already sold out. Not being a beach person, that cupcake was one of the highlights of the trip - yes, I'm shallow, sue me - and given the amount of people on the island, it was no longer conducive to a "breezy" experience.

Imagine my surprise when Art called me to say that he was bringing home some calamnsi cupcakes. I thought to myself how good competition is for consumers like me, and I don't have to fly all the way out of Manila to have it.

I was wrong. This was waaaaaaay better. I kid you not. And I have to thank Sweet Mamita.

Located in Manila's south (Paranaque), Sweet Mamita is run on a per-order basis. The particular one I enjoyed from them is called Calamansi Delight, and it certainly lives up to the name it was christened with. The big wow! factor that made it superior to the one I had in Boracay was the thick frosting on top (which was absent in the island version), and each bite was quite spectacular, as I could tell that the creator did not spare any expense in order to create this sublime, sweet and sour delicacy that has to be tasted to be believed.

Art ordered a dozen of them for PhP 600, so at PhP 50 a pop, it was less pricey than the ones I see in cutesy-themed cupcake stores (almost approaching the PhP 100/cupcake variety range). Give them a call, email them or visit their page (details below) and if this was a sampling of what they offer, then I have found cupcake nirvana.

And her name is Sweet Mamita.


Sweet Mamita
Better Living Subdivision, Paranaque City, Metro Manila
(+632) 7882708/ (+632) 8526732
(+63) 917 888 5362
Email: (for inquiries)


*A couple of people I really like have asked me about the scarcity of my posts as of late. I've been going through some training for a new endeavor and have had to put my blog on pause for a short while. Here's hoping I won't be gone that long anymore.


  1. Why is it soooo far away from me????? I want one Calamansi Delight. XD

    1. Good news :) the owner's daughter works in IBM Eastwood and can bring orders on Mondays (she gives home back south on the weekends). So QC residents, rejoice, the pick up point is no longer that far. (I went to their FB page, their Strawberry concoction looks evil. And by evil, I mean heavenly, LOL)