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Thursday, January 23, 2014

The PhP 1049 Breakfast

Which consists of 49 pesos for the Jollibee Hotdog Meal Breakfast. And 1000 pesos for the impounding fee.

The one time that I - the perrenial law abider, the guy who hates it when someone cuts in line, the one who insists that everyone walk on their side of the road - did the wrong thing (parking outside the store, on a no parking street, and hopefully take out a meal and be gone in three minutes) and a traffic enforcer and tow truck operators appear so swiftly it made me a believer of the law enforcement system.

If only we were this quick in charging lawmakers who squander our money, lapping it up with their friends using bogus NGOs, and hauling their asses into court and jail.

Yes, I'm talking about you, Tanda, Seksi, and Pogi.

(And yes, you may think that my Jollibee caper has nothing to do with the pork barrel scam. I guess this is where being a writer comes in handy.)

Plus, while I did pay my fine, was issued a ticket, and paid for my offense literally (they even escorted me to the ATM machine as I did not have cash on hand), my biggest regret was that I inadvertently added to the coffers of the Binay dynasty's city.

So, should 2016 see us with a Binay presidency, I will fully admit I contributed to that victory.

Against my will.

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