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Thursday, February 6, 2014

One Afternoon At Burgoo

When I was working full time in the south, my go-to mall was Alabang Town Center, mainly because I could walk to it from my place of work. I never got a chance to see the other malls for longer than 5 minutes, so when my friend Wins and I met up for a late lunch, I asked if we could meet at SM Southmall for a change in scenery (for me, anyway).

Wins got there earlier (since he lives in the area) and while walking around, someone from Burgoo handed him a coupon that had a Buy One-Take One promotion on their entrees. So when I arrived and he told me about it, we had this half-hearted attempt at seeing what other dining options we had, but ended up - predictably - at a place where we could maximize value.

Our first entree was their take on Fajitas.

We opted to take the Trio variant (consisting of shrimp, chicken and beef, on top of mushrooms and bell peppers) and we first enjoyed the savory aromas when it was brought to our table. The beef, in particular, I found to be quite good.

The dish was served with this:

A tray of pita bread/wrappers and - also - a trio of condiments: a creamy mixture (we were debating what it was but it wasn't mayonnaise for sure), salsa and shaved pieces of cheese. The warm proteins inside the bread together with the three condiments complimented each other well and made for a messy but fun way of eating, drippings and all. (Best condiment for me was the salsa. Lovely.)

We also decided on a pasta dish, Seafood Au Gratin.

At first glance, we wondered where the seafood (squid, mussels, clams) was. Turns out, they were hidden at the edges (covered by foil) and underneath the (thick) noodles, which were in a creamy, seafood-tasting sauce that had a hint of curry, and which we found to be deliciously intoxicating.

Our total bill came to about a little over 700 (they have a 10% service charge) and we paid for only one of the entrees (the one with a higher value). The last time Wins ate at Burgoo was about 10 years ago (and he didn't relish the experience), so it was a pleasant surprise that both the dishes were "winners" and we were able to take off half of the price.

The only way this meal could be better is if this was shared over unbridled laughter and excellent conversation.

And so, a great meal came to pass.

*All photos by Wins and his spectacular phone camera*

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