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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Latitude: Satisfying Start To Finish

This post will be short, only because it already is the third part of a review of the lunch buffet at Latitude in Traders Hotel, along Roxas Boulevard in Manila.

I have not seen such a value packed offering in quite awhile - and you know, given the way gas prices, and everything else, are skyrocketing, it becomes increasingly difficult to find deals that have both check marks on the Value and Satisfaction boxes: At 499++ pesos, this spread does that.

A perfect option at every dessert spread, Latitude's fruit offerings does not disappoint. I was especially glad to see suha among the lineup, I don't believe I have seen it laid out in other places. Fruits are a great natural way to sweeten the palate without ingesting artificial sweeteners or added carbohydrates or ingredients like shortening into your digestive system. (Less preparation/treatment - better for health: One rule in nutrition that I find to be easily "checked".)

And from the fruits, we go to the opposite direction: Bread Pudding, which is filled with carbohydrates, both natural and artificial sweeteners and a host of other ingredients. I cannot comment on the taste as I intentionally skipped this one, but the smell that wafted as I walked along was enough to make me regret not taking it.

True to its announcement, there were distinctly Filipino dishes in the panghimagas section.

Kutsinta and puto (with coconut shavings at the bottom), both rice-based desserts, something I find to be a common thread among Asian countries as we do have rice in abundance. Wait, let me rephrase that, some Asian countries have rice in abundance. (We can't consider ourselves in that category anymore since we actually import rice now.)

The halo-halo selection was incomplete when I pictured it (before we started the meal) so this is the only shot I have of it. Actually I had other desserts that I missed taking pictures of, like the decadent strawberry cheesecake Art brought to the table which I picked on - I think my food coma was beginning, and was practically immobilized by then - and I could conk myself on the head for not taking a shot. If you love strawberries and you love cream, then the not-pictured dessert I just described is what you want to make a beeline for.

The deep fried devious delights of churros with your choice of sauce. If you like the Dulcinea version, this will not disappoint.

A local dessert I love, ginataan. Their version had the right amount of sweetness - not too much. And it was warm, which is the way I like it best.

And so, the 499 buffet ends on a sweet note. With the added charges, the bill comes out to just a smidge over 600 pesos per person. You may say "I get better value at the 200 pesos restaurant in my neighborhood", and that may be true. But if you want to savor a fulfilling meal in a hotel environment that doesn't make you feel bad at the end of it when the tab arrives, then head on over to Latitude.

A perfect combination of Value and Satisfaction that is hard to beat.


Here are the other parts of my Latitude review.

Traders Hotel
3001 Roxas Boulevard (across Cultural Center of the Philippines), Pasay City
7084888 (telephone)

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