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Monday, April 9, 2012

Rorscharch Blots, Philippine Edition

I'm seeing a couple of pictures on Facebook right now that, in light of the recently concluded religious holiday, are bound to raise the local temperature even higher. And no, this has nothing to with sex. It has to do with the other topic bound to get one, uhm, hot.

I grabbed these off various friends' Facebook accounts, and all these pictures had the link named Duke Erwin. I saw one more shot as well (below), which wasn't too well "publicized".

Having grown up with Madonna (the pop singer), Sinead O'Connor, and other artists who view blasphemy as an individual right - one that is affirmed by the United Nations - I do not find these images shocking, in the least bit. (See to view the General Comment of the UN.)

What I found interesting, however, were the reactions of those who, shall we say, consider themselves defenders of religion/s, with an implicit assumption of being morally superior.

"One retarded asshole!"

"May kulang sa larawan...pako!" (Missing from the photo...nails!)

"Sna buong ktwn n nya mpko pra msya" (Her entire covered in nails would be fun.)


"Sarap ipukpok ang krus sa pepe nya!" (It would be delightful to hammer that cross in her vagina!)

Side note, something I've thought previously: Wouldn't the biggest blasphemers be someone from a different religion than yours? I would think that the underlying statement would be "No, I don't believe in your God, because my God is the real deal." And another meta-message of someone with another religion would be "Your God is fake. Mine is the only one worthy of praise." It is strange that those who feel that strongly about their faith do not wage war against other religions.

Oh, wait a minute. They do.

Carry on, then.

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