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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Other Places For North Korea's Missile Launch

Why are we always known for these kinds of things? And this time, through no fault of our own.

Our country is once again in the international news as North Korea prepares to launch its missiles towards somewhere near the northeastern region (technically, the waters near there). As of press time, the weather conditions have prevented our Asian neighbor - doing a very un-neighborly thing - to commence the launch, so this might be a good time to list some places where they might want to consider directing their missiles to, all of which are in North Korea!

Better yet, I have pictures!

(None of which are mine, as only 2000 Westerners are allowed in North Korea annually, according to the guidebook Lonely Planet. All these pictures have copyrights and are owned by Lonely Planet/Tony Wheeler/Jane Sweeney. Please see for full information.)

My personal pick would be the last picture, since the missile can land in the body of water beside a populated area. That is what they planned to do, but in our body of water near our populated area, yes? This way, you won't get any international sanctions/comments/diplomatic lashings, your people will accept anything North Korean leaders do anyway, and we will pretty much leave you alone to your own (nuclear) devices, since it only affects your country. (I would hate for the house on the topmost picture to be blown up, purely on the basis of aesthetic reasons.)

Kim Jong-Un, let's talk.

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