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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Blogging After October 3

It's an exciting day for bloggers and online citzens, because October 3 marks the day that the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 will take effect in the Philippines!

No more ruffled feathers.
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Looking at practically all my posts, I will have to make a radical change in both the topics I choose to dissect, and the way I present them.

So...what topics can we discuss?

(1) The weather!

The perfect all-around conversation filler, used to dissipate uncomfortable silences. And with the number of typhoons we have, and the intensity with which we are now devouring any weather news that will affect us directly, this is the perfect topic.

Wait, isn't there a controversy with this? I mean, most scientists believe this to be naturally occurring or recurring phenomena. (Example, we know we roughly get 20 typhoons a year, based on historical records.) But some sectors insist that typhoons are a deity's way of teaching us a lesson... wouldn't we be "offending their religious beliefs" if any meteorologist would say "actually, this weather phenomena begins as a matter of physics..."?

And if anyone becomes offended, they can sue the other party for libel, on top of disrespecting another religion.

Guess I can't write about that.

(2) Best restaurant/fashion designer/lifestyle necessity/etc.!

Already done by many bloggers, maybe I should focus on things that are not bound to be...prone to incendiary remarks, or divisive opinions.

Where do I get the best roast pork? (This question alone gets thousands of answers, all of which are passionately arguing for their case. Plus, groups like PETA probably aren't too happy that such a question is even being asked.)

Which 2012 designer had the best show in this year's Fashion Week? (Again, there are at least a thousand replies to this single question. And animal rights activists are, again, staging protests against the entire industry.)

Nope, scratch this topic. Too many responses to field, many antagonistic towards each other, and other interest grops will weigh in. Possibility for libel is high, if I should declare "this" hotel has the best service or "that" store is the only place for all your grocery needs.

(3) Art scene!

We are "supposed" to be naturally artistic, so this should be a cinch to write about! The topics must be endless...wait. Wasn't there a big brouhaha about who was supposed to be National Artist? And some religious groups feel certain art is "offensive"?

Guess the saying that "art is in the eye of the beholder" means there is no agreement. If that is the case, there is no consensus, and someone/many people will have a different opinion, which will result in feelings and opinions being ruffled. Which opens you up to the possibility of libel. Who cares if you really found a piece of artwork hideous - someone was offended because you stated it online, they can call it "character assassination", boom! 12 years in the slammer.

(4) Schools to send children to!

I mean, we all are for education, right? I can't imagine anybody being brave enough to admit that they would prefer that people remain ignorant, and with the advances and new theories about childhood learning, not to mention that children are at their most "eager" and "willing" to learn new things (something to do with adults being set in their ways that makes it harder for older people to "relearn"), this is a no-brainer!

So, parents, where do you send your children to, and why?

(After this question was posed, it was reported that those with kids never bothered showing up at their high school reunions.)


(5) Showbiz!

It's glitzy, it's glamourous, everyone's smiling, so, everything's peachy, right?

A friend reminded me of the feuding wife and kabit (mistress), both in the limelight as actresses and linked to the same politician-husband/lover. There was a filmfest scandal for the night's award winners. A staring match ensued between two co-stars at a recent benefit.  A guy seen as the "ultimate hunk" is rumored to be gay, as attested to by the ex-girlfriend. And showbiz writers are routinely hauled off to court on libel charges.

So I can't write about this, either.


I write mostly about politics, secularism in a democracy, and religions. So that pretty much bleeps my usual topics, because 95% of the time, it's not a flattering write-up. Besides, those are the things that etiquette columns always suggest you steer clear from talking about in paies and social functions. I can't write about "society events" because I have mused about the propriety of having those kinds of pages in a country like ours.


What do I write about starting October 3, then?


  1. Hey! I am a Filipino but I am currently in Japan. That doesn`t affect me right?

    1. No such luck, Patrick. I just read an online forum where the lawyers were discussing that even a foreigner in another country is liable because of the very vague provisions in the law.

  2. I was about to share this blog link then I remembered "oooops!", will I get in trouble by doing so? Geez. Good luck to all Pinoy bloggers. :|

    1. :D

      Well, we can share until October 3. I'm hoping it won't be retroactive, though. If it is, then we'll all see each other in jail.

    2. I think I read somewhere that the law CAN be retroactive. Sigh, well we are a third world country, high time the government started acting like a third world government.

    3. If that's the case, prison will be filled with the best thinkers and commenters today. Good company.

    4. Yes, I believe this law IS retroactive.

      Where would those best thinkers and commenters be jailed, maximum, medium or minimum security prison?

  3. This is what we get for electing a moron.

    1. You didn't, I didn't, but everyone else did. If it sounds like I'm washing my hands off, it's because I have to find a bright spot in all of this.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Oh no!! How was this bill able to pass both Houses? :(