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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Watch Out, It's A Yoga Class!

Not everyone will be open.
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Just ask Cori Withell, 37, yoga instructor.

She merely wanted to spread the gospel of fitness: "As a nation we have an obesity epidemic. I was trying to bring some exercise into the community."

Her class (yoga and pilates), slated to be held in 10 days at St. Edmund's church building in Southampton (UK), was cancelled, and Father Chandler, who was responsible for the cancellation, said that they were "misled" because it was first sold to them as pilates but was later advertised as spiritual yoga:

"Yoga is a Hindu spiritual exercise...We did say that yoga could not take place. It's the fact that it's a different religious practice going on in a Catholic church."

"It's not compatible."


Let's see:

(1) Yoga classes have women leaders. Say "yoga" and a fit, flexible woman comes to mind.

(2) Yoga doesn't shut out gay people from practicing.

(3) You go at your own pace, not a rigid, "follow what I say, no questions" approach.

(4) I haven't heard of yoga teachers defending child molesters, or hiding them at another yoga studio.

Father Chandler, you may just be right.


  1. Hay naku, it's considered as "new age" daw. Kasi nga Hindu practice. Just like Chinese medicine being New Age din daw kasi related to Buddhism. Ewan ko ba!

    1. The odd part is labeling things related to Hinduism, Buddhism or Chinese or Indian culture as "new age" because all of them have preceded Christianity. Of course, I do read history. Maybe someone else has a different take...(?)

  2. Exactly!!! It doesn't mean that if you do not understand other religion or culture it's automatically "evil" na. All religion thinks they're the "right" Religion or else they won't follow it dba? Respect lang sana.

    1. The preoccupation with "righteousness" makes tolerance a tall order. Let's not even discuss respect.