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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Happy At This Soi

A soi is defined as a "side street branching off a major street" according to Wikipedia. That being the case, our trip to Soi in the new Glorietta ended up being a happy detour.

We weren't entirely sure where to have our dinner, so we decided to play it by ear, or more appropriately, by sight. In the midst of "the usual" dining places (read: fast food chains) so ubiquitous in malls, we opted to go the not-usual route; besides, mention Thai cuisine and we're there.

Diners get complimentary appetizers, (spicy) peanuts and fried wonton wrappers.

Skip the nuts if you are even slightly allergic to anything hot (though this flavor profile is to be expected in a Thai restaurant).

I had the Pandan Ice Tea (PhP 80) while Art had the Lemon Grass Juice (PhP 80), both of which are refillable.

Lightly sweet with the distinctive pandan flavor, just in time for the heat we've been experiencing in February!

I've never had lemon grass in juice form, this was a pleasant, sprightly pick-me-upper drink.

We had the Seafood in Yellow Curry (PhP 288) because we can't possibly pass it up, both of us being fans of curry. Soi's version was likeable and definitely friendly to the Filipino palate without being overly sweet, it reminded us of the now defunct Sukho Thai in Megamall (our go-to Thai place back then), with squid, shrimps and fish fillets joyously bathed in that yellowish glow along with various vegetables.

We also had the Fish Fillet in Black Pepper Sauce (PhP 238). I made the misstep of biting into a pepper seed which numbed my tongue for about 5 minutes, and I had to wait for awhile before I could really "get into" the dish. The black pepper was generously applied, and it had the flavor I wanted without the burn. Barring that spicy mishap at the start, this was also a nice, solid dish, especially if you're planning on going meatless.

Given those strong flavors, we opted to pair it with Jasmine Rice (instead of one of their Fried Rice variations, PhP 38), and this proved to be a bit of a letdown - it didn't seem to be real Jasmine rice but with the dishes we had, we really didn't have much to complain about.

Do drop by this side street for a taste of Thai this side of Makati.


2nd Floor, Glorietta 2,
Ayala Center, Makati
(02) 5530001

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  1. Am so glad to have found your blog post! There didn't seem to be many reviews on Soi, but here's yours. Found it very helpful.