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Friday, February 1, 2013

That Nutty Sebastian

Nuts about nuts.

Happy is the day when I am able to sample a new offering from Sebastian's Ice Cream on its' debut.

After my last (delectable) visit to  Sebastian's Cold Comfort in SM Mall of Asia, I found myself facing a rhetorical question today: since Art and I were going to MOA, should we stop by for another melodious treat from the artisan ice cream maker?


I knew from my trusty alerts from Sebastian's Facebook page that two new products would be debuting today: Peanut Butter Truffle Burger and Dragonfruit Sorbet. Say the words peanut butter and I'm there: that gooey-sticky goodness that sometimes doesn't go down one's throat immediately, the rich aroma that pleasantly assaults your olfactory nerves...I don't know anyone that hates peanut butter, unless of course you are allergic to the source.

After a more-than-substantial lunch, we walked around the behemoth mall to shop and decided that our ending - fittingly a sweet one - would be a trip to Sebastian's.

Colloquially labeled an ice cream sandwich, the Peanut Butter Truffle Burger disguises the flavor it packs with an almost eerily dark shade of brown, sprinkled with what appears to me heaven sent peanut particles. The first bites will leave no doubt that the ice cream that Sebastian used was dark chocolate, not the cloyingly sweet variety, but definitely on the bitter side of the spectrum, and covered with the expected consistency of cookies. (Speaking of which, does Sebastian have cookie dough flavored ice cream? Must investigate.)

The not-really-a-surprise center hits my tattered enamel because of its hard consistency: peanut butter land!

Nirvana by peanut.

The pleasurable sensation of a familiar,comforting taste begins to outshine its slightly bitter exterior: yes, an entire (large) peanut butter cup has happily been lodged as this creation's nucleus, and congregates to the altar of peanut goodness, we now say Amen!

If you hate peanut butter, no description will entice. 

If you love peanut butter, no explanation is necessary.

We skipped on the sorbet that also debuted because Art was not too keen on the fruit itself, and balked at eating an ice cream version of it. Since this was a day for him to recharge, I told him to choose another flavor that appealed to him.

Color your happiness.

He chose Sapin-sapin (a multi-colored, local rice delicacy) on the basis of the bright, sunny colors that the original dish this is based on is known for. One bite into this treat makes you feel you have (irrationally) raised your patriotism quota a few notches higher for the day, as the very flavors of "the real thing" are translated ever so perfectly and wonderfully in this frozen form. I mentioned wanting to try this very flavor in my last post about Sebastian, and today, I can tick that off my to-do list. 

My Must-Be-Delicious list.

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