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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Wang-Wang, Disguised

On our way to the doctor earlier this week, we were greeted by a ghastly sight.

The wang-wang, visual edition.
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Blinkers on, in the middle of the day.

No, it wasn't an emergency vehicle. It was a black SUV, with dark tinted windows, no license plate, and it was being escorted by two patrol motorcycles, busy "leading" the way, also in blinker mode, waving away cars and pedestrians for the presumably VIP (Virulently Impotent Putz?) seated in his automotive glory to be able to get through midday traffic with a minimum of fuss.

Ever since P-Noy made a fuss about the wang-wang mentality, I've seen an increase in its visual counterpart, and in effect, still conveying the essential message: I am important and everyone has to give me way. Almost always some "big car" (usually a 4WD), bodyguards are optional, but with some police escorts in tow.

This is maabilidad (cunning) gone awry, and applied dubiously.

One of the things I often hear as a "national characteristic" is that we seem to be adept at making a way. We should amend that to "making a way around a prohibitive law or practice." It would certainly explain many things.

In the supermarket, a woman explains that even though she has 20 cases of soft drinks, she should still be in the Express Lane (10 items or less) on the "logic" that it is just a single type of item.

Candidates who advertise the achievements of their charitable foundation, or appear in morning talk shows, a few months before the start of the campaign period, on the defense that "we're still not candidates as of this moment in time."

A sitting President calling an election official during elections, under the guise of protecting votes.

Or a diocese printing up a poster, prominently displayed, of which senators to support, extolling freedom of expression.

All of which clearly answers the question: How do I beat the system?

How can I do something illegal/unethical but still have the law on my side? How do we take people for a ride while furthering our own interests? How will I make more fools today?

We may have lost the wang-wang, but not the mentality.

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