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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Corona And His Pandora's Box

Will anyone admit their surprise that Chief Justice Corona suddenly became chummy with our television sets yesterday, after saying "in due time" and "wait for the defense"? I certainly was.

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He was on both of the "big" channels giving interviews.

Based on the interviews, it seemed to me - and many others in cyberspace - that his revelations/responses to questions posed to him elicited even more queries, instead of making things clearer.

(1) Corona admitted that he lost his "trust" in PS Bank, which supposedly accounts for him withdrawing his peso accounts on Dec. 12, 2011, the day the impeachment complaint became official.

Is his trust peso-denominated? The reason I ask this is because he did not withdraw his dollar account/s. Is there a special reason why one can claim distrust on the local currency accounts but still have faith in the dollar ones?

Also - correct me if I'm wrong - but didn't the PS Bank President or Branch Manager testify during the trial that Corona re-deposited the money (pesos) into a single account, at the very same branch?

How does Corona define trust in a bank?

Nagtatanong lang po. (Just asking.)

(2) Corona claims he is "not involved" in the family squabbles of his wife regarding their BGEI Corporation concerns.

Why did he then say that he took a loan from the company?

Why did he admit that the millions that were in his personal account/s were BGEI money?

Why did he say these were his wife's and not his?

Why did he not declare these in his SALN, either from his personal account or as his wife's money, with both cases covered under law as a must to declare?

Nagtatanong lang po.

(3) He claimed in one interview that he is all that stands between the President and what the President supposedly wants. ("Ako lang ang pumipigil na makuha ni Pnoy ang gusto nya.")

Yet when their TRO decision on allowing former President Arroyo to travel was questioned, he said that the Supreme Court is a collegial body and that he is just one vote.

So, which is it? Are you the "last man standing" when it comes to the Palace, "valiantly" fighting off the dragons, or are you but one in a sea of voices?

Nagtatanong lang po.

(4) When asked if he himself would testify at the trial, he said he is willing but it is "dependent" on his lawyers.

Does he work for his lawyers? Why should he seek their clearance? Why would their permission be even needed? Here he is, on two TV stations proclaiming this and that, but you won't face your charges in court?

Nagtatanong lang po.

Unfortunately, I don't see Hope at the bottom of this Pandora's Box.


  1. Replies
    1. But I don't think there will be good answers, though.

  2. ganun talaga, pag client ka, sa lawyer ka makikinig hindi ikaw ang magmamando sa lawyer mo kasi masisira diskarte nila.

  3. there is really no answer, if he is able to answer these questions, surely they would all be lies!!