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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Deal Grocer Responds. Me Happy.

Having posted about my recent experience at Hotel Intercontinental's Jeepney Cafe, courtesy of a deal I purchased at Deal Grocer, I also decided to let the Deal Grocer team know directly about it, so that they can get feedback from a customer who actually ate there using their offer.

(Courtesy of

To my (pleasant) surprise, I got a response quickly. Which was really unexpected, since I am used to "customer service" being an oxymoron in our beloved islands.

(EDIT: I have just received an email from the Manager and they would prefer that I do not print the letter. I am editing this post to accommodate their request. But to those of you who know me personally, I do not give compliments lightly, so when I say I was satisfied, I mean it.)

How the Customer Service Manager and Deal Grocer has responded has made me appreciate your effort and they will definitely see me as a customer very soon. Nothing can be more persuasive than actual experience, and I can personally vouch for how they reacted once they received feedback. (And hopefully, other sites that offer the same service are observing what Deal Grocer has done given this scenario.)

In truth, Deal Grocer was the broker for the deal, but the merchant was the hotel. It would be interesting to see how the hotel could explain what they offered that night, since even the Deal Grocer representative was surprised at my experience, which was different when they did a "run through" prior to offering the deal on their site.

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  1. Great and timely response by Deal Grocer, far and away different from other deal sites who give you the run around that is if they even deem to respond. Just go look for Ensogo and Metrodeal complaints and you will see.

    1. That's good to know, Richard. The only sites I've visited are Deal Grocer and Cash Cash Pinoy. I haven't purchased anything - yet - from the sites you mentioned. Now, to have a look-see...

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