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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Intercontinental Manila Responds

Having been alerted by the Customer Service Manager of Deal Grocer that my email address was given to the F and B Director (Food and Beverage) of Intercontinental Hotel Manila, it was not a surprise that I also received an email from the director.

To the F and B Director: Thank you for your email.

Thank you for assuring consumers like me that there is definite room for improvement regarding your offering at Cafe Jeepney. The reason I hold such high regard for you is because my parents did - and I find that so many others of their generation held you to that level of esteem as well.

As is the case with any free market, many competitors can come in - in this case, newer, flashier hotels - and build on what you are known for. The "trick", I believe, is to make sure that you stay ahead of the pack.

And like any 12 step program worth their weight in recoveries, the first step is admitting that there is a problem. Analyzing it, seeing where "things went wrong" - unless you take this crucial step, you cannot move forward and keep up with others who have shown their desire to take the crown, so to speak.

As far as service goes, your waiters were very courteous and attentive. (Although one of them was not aware that you offered free wifi to your customers. Everyone else was.) They were neatly dressed and were serving willingly and pleasantly.

You did mention that it was "Filipino night" on Sundays, and had we known that, we might have chosen to eat on some other night. (It also makes the inclusion of salmon sahimi, pizza and lamb curry a little out of place.) We can get Filipino fare everyday, and we do, so when we dine out, we like trying out something else.

Thank you for your invitation to go back once you have "improved". I will definitely keep that in mind.

And so, the next gastronomic adventure awaits.

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