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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Trial's Most Important Question

You may think that it's all about moral fitness, rule of law, ethical considerations and technicalities. But yesterday, Rep. Tiangco, Corona's defense team's 1st witness, helped us see a matter of utmost importance.

Whose hairstyle ranks better?

Rep. Quimbo of the prosecution?

Or Rep. Tiangco's?

(Both photos from GMA News TV)

You may see various reactions from this question at Rappler, aptly titled Mane Attraction. References to anime, K-Pop (Korean Pop), and just-got-out-of-bed style figure into the mix. One thing's for sure, when things get too tense for words, we really know where to focus in order to ease any discomfort or stress.


I have to say, both their hairstyles go against my notion of what our lawmakers look like, which is unflattering at best.

An attempt to change our perception of them? Not likely to alter that soon or fast, but the mane thing is that they get the ball rolling.

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