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Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Cheesy, Guilty Pleasure?

You want fries with that mess-waiting-to-happen?
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Seeing this ad, the first question I had was how are consumers supposed to eat that?

If you say with a knife and spoon, it defeats the purpose of what a sandwich is supposed to be. Unless it's meant to be treated as an open faced sandwich, which it's not since there's also half a bun on top.

If you say "with lots of tissue paper!" then the cheese topping will get "wiped off" and the intent of having a cheesy, gooey mess coating your fingers would be lost. Not to mention an unfriendly environmental tactic, unless there is a tie-up with napkin companies, as hinted by one commentator.

I won't even go into the subject of calorie counting - this is a country that eats lechon kawali and chicharon with pride so this cheese laden concoction from KFC is hardly a blip in the "evil foods" scale that is available in the local market. (I will have to say, though, that as an American Council on Exercise certified professional, there is a plethora of healthier options available. One of KFC's competitors in the chicken sandwich department featured a roasted chicken fillet in barbecue sauce. Ehem.)

It's a free country, we have free will, you choose what you want to load up on. As a liberal at heart, I always leave it up to people what they want to consume, as long as they are aware of the repercussions of their choices.

In this case, it looks like an unmitigated (but cheesy) mess on your fingers. I can't help but see the words Guilty Pleasure written all over the new KFC sandwich.

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