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Monday, June 25, 2012

Is Ruffa Serious?

One reason I love Facebook is because I get news feeds of articles that my friends find interesting, and by extension of having the same interests, I would find the same way, too. Browsing this morning's feed, I saw 2 news posts about Ruffa Gutierrez, actress, beauty queen and media personality, walking out of her showbiz talk show.

The muse of intrigue?
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Let the collective eye rolling begin.

Apparently, for her birthday celebration, she would be placed on the "hot seat" in a segment of the show called "Bulong Ng Palad" (Whisper of Fate?), where the other co-hosts would ask her questions of a "sensitive" or "controversial" nature.

In other words, a roast.

(See for more.)

Ruffa's subsequent "reactions" stemmed from the fact that these highly-charged questions were asked:
(1) when she brought her children on the set
(2) a representative of her commercial sponsor was in the audience
(3) she felt "disrespected"

Teka lang, Ruffa.

You've been a host for this show for quite some time, right? (I really don't follow showbiz shows as a general rule, it's time I can't take back.) Why are you now feigning "surprise" at the type of questions asked of you during a segment you have been part of many, many times in the past? Should the rules be changed just because you are now the "askee" instead of being the interviewer?

The questions they asked were of your past romantic liaisons. In fact, one of the interviewers, Zoren Legaspi, was one of those "linked" to you in the past. These things are a matter of public record - if I was to be blunt, you actually paraded these relationships for maximum exposure at the height of their, uh, sizzle. Why are you now acting as if everyone should now treat you with kid gloves about them, when you wringed out so much publicity from them at the time that you were "in love" with this guy and that guy?

Isn't that the whole point of showbiz?

Aren't your entire careers built on the amount of buzz and interest that you can supposedly generate? That once an artista is laos na, that means no more film offers, no more commercials, no more TV series, no more hosting gigs? That some of you actually wail at how fickle and harsh the industry can be - whilst being silent about this facet of the industry you chose to be in when fame and fortune and attention were so easily bestowed upon you?

I don't get the hand-wringing. Or is this - as many social commenters have noted - an attempt to revive a sagging career where you have to compete with the hottest stars of today, who happen to be young enough to be your children?

You brought your own kids to the show. I will not question your parental authority, that is your prerogative, if you think it is proper to expose them to your workplace, that is your call. But you can't expect the world to stop turning - for you - on account of your kids. The protection of their minds from what you deem "unsavory" is also your responsibility. Showbiz is about intrigue, and if you brought your kids to a set that celebrates this fact with pride, I really don't get the "my kids are with me" card you pulled out.

And about the milk sponsor, I'm sure they have factored your past in when they decided to ask you to be their model. You are now more known as a mother with two kids - that should have been the card you played when you were asked questions you found "sensitive". No matter how your co-hosts cajoled and needled you for "juicy" details of past relationships - does anyone not see the irony of this situation? - you could have always put your foot down, as a mother and the birthday celebrator, on account of your daughters. I would expect no less from any parent who does what they do for the sake of their children.

And apparently, you also took to Twitter after your show with a slew of statements detailing your sentiments about the whole she-bang. And announcing your "resignation" there instead of professionally telling the management of your decision - how can you stop people from thinking that this isn't some exposure stunt?

So, do you want publicity or not?

Ano ba talaga,Ruffa?

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