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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Manny Is Human

If he loses like a human, he must be a human.
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That, to me, is the essential message from what people all over (to be fair, it's not just our countrymen who are doing it) are saying is an "unbelievable" loss for Manny Pacquiao when he faced off with still-unbeaten Timothy Bradley.

One can argue that it was "linuto" (rigged).

One can say the judges must be suffering from eye deficiencies.

One can shout whatever invectives they feel like to express their disbelief at what just transpired.

Carlos Celdran said it best: even Manny himself has accepted the decision, and he did so gracefully. We should all do the same. (Not me, specifically, since I have never considered getting paid astronomical sums for beating up another person bloody red and blackish blue as a "sport", but this is intended for everyone who has placed Manny on a pedestal.)

And for those who plan to "demand" a "recount", please don't. Just...don't.

Moving forward, may we be reminded that when our "heroes" end up disappointing us, or do not perform "to a certain standard", it is because they are, at the end of the day, just like the rest of us, just as capable of defeat and failure.

And that also means, we should never think that each of us may never be able to reach the heights of success - however this has been defined in our lives - that they have managed to.

Props to sports brand Adidas for capturing both sides of this situation succinctly with their slogan:

Nothing Is Impossible.

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