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Thursday, June 21, 2012

What Pushed Me To Enter Uniqlo

I am not a clotheshorse. I count until the last centavo when I need to go shopping for clothes; I was never into clothes "for fashion", I view them purely for utility purposes. (They call me Batman at work for having practically the same outfit, day in and out. If you thought that comes across as a derisive comment, you're wasting your time: I take pride in being able to save my money for something more...fulfilling.)

So, when Uniqlo, dubbed as Japan's most famous clothes store decided to open a branch in SM Mall Of Asia (MOA), I was nonplussed, to say the least. Just another clothes shop, and probably overpriced, it being from Japan. (Does Tokyo still hold the record for the most expensive city to live in? It has to be in the top 5, at the very least.)

Like a virgin, Uniqlo'd for the very first time.
(Courtesy of

Fast forward to today.

(1) I had to go to the Port Area in Manila for work.
(2) I didn't have breakfast, I rushed to the area first thing to escape the traffic. (Too late.)
(3) I was passing by MOA on my way back to Makati.

And last, but not the least:

(4) Uniqlo's opening promo: Jeans - ONLY 590 PESOS. (Read it online.)

That's the story of how I finally de-virginized my feet and entered Uniqlo. I have to say, the jeans are very, very cool looking (silver/gray and olive green/khaki crosses). I decided to buy a pair each for Art and myself (practically the same size, anyway - instant double wardrobe!) And I remember the last time I went to the department store to get a new pair of jeans - the one I settled for (given my un-propensity for fashion, take note) cost me 1,259 pesos. So getting 2 new pairs for less than the price of the last pair I bought was a no-brainer.

Now to test the quality. (And the way I use jeans, it will be tested.)


  1. I've loved Uniqlo ever since I discovered they sold lots and lots of graphic T's, my ultimate weakness.

  2. Being a cabin crew myself, I buy stuff from their
    airport store whenever I hv a chance( nrt/NGO/kix).I bought jeggings for my nieces,they love ithem so much.I buy my heat tech/undergarments ,light to carry n warm to use during winter in
    outlying layover.their tees r so soft.try this brand, you will love.I just do not know how the Manila pricing is , hope it is affordable to all.happy shopping

  3. That is an amazing price! Your partner is sure lucky to have gotten a new pair of jeans from you, too:)

  4. ang mura naman. but what's the original price of it?
    Im sure tested na maganda ang quality kasi sumikat pati yan sa ibang bansa gaya sa Malaysia at Hongkong...

  5. that's a very good deal joey! and how sweet of you to get one for art too...awwwww!