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Thursday, May 24, 2012

All For Naught

That seems to be the recurring theme with the big news items this past week. Let's get on with it, shall we?

The Concert Protest

She-devil locks, according to protesters.
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A group called Biblemode Youth, a city mayor, an ex-mayor who testified on behalf of one of the "news stars" this week, an election lawyer who also found posters of scantily clad men on Edsa offensive (his silence on scantily clad women is deafening). All of them protested mightily against a concert artist/performer who would've made David Bowie and TAFKAP (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince) blush, Lady Gaga.

To no avail.

Gaga opened her concert with a dress that went viral on the assumption that is was inspired by the Filipiniana (national dress), or something that was sold in Kultura, owned by SM, who also owned the concert venue where she performed. (Two of many theories about her first "costume".)

She even performed the supposedly satanic song "Judas" and made a statement to the censors, otherwise known as the local government.

As far as I can tell, none of the people who saw her perform disengaged their torsos and started flying around with their humongous bat wings scouring for commuters to feast on after the concert. I really can't say if some had a debaucherous orgy since the sex lives of others are none of my business. As for the ones who said that listening to her songs will "make one gay", how so you explain those who are gay and have never heard her songs? (Yes, I'm rolling my eyes.)

Those protests - all for naught.

Filipino Voting Power

Admit it. You opened your mouth wide also.
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Spoiler alert (as if you didn't know by now): Jessica Sanchez lost AI. The WGWG, PP, won.

Yes, these terms were suddenly common for those who followed American Idol this season. AI, of course, stands for the name of the competition; PP are the initials of the winner of this season, Philip Phillips. White Guy With Guitar, now this is the first time I've heard of it. (The running in-joke being, for the past 5 seasons, it has been the WGWG winning AI.)

And Jessica? How could she have lost with the Philippines being touted as the texting capital of the world, and I wager we are in the top 10 for online voting as well?

My friend Jed theorized - and I agree with his observation - that the AI voting system was probably smart enough to invalidate any votes that were not cast from the continental USA or any of the U.S. Territories.

The rules were clearly stated in the American Idol website, as to who can vote.

I've always thought it was rather odd when I saw so many posts on my Facebook feed urging everyone to vote for Jessica Sanchez. The first thought I had was, "are we even allowed to do that? Isn't that a distant relative to, uhm, flying voters?" (Thanks to another friend, Atty. Tess, for reminding me of the term.)

I didn't say it out loud because even though I cannot be considered a fan of AI by any stretch, I didn't want to rain on the parade of so many people who were really well meaning about wanting Jessica to win.

It seems like the votes from the Philippines and Filipinos all over the world were not counted, kasi kung yan ang magiging batayan (because if that was the measure), then I have no doubt Jessica would have won.

And if money was spent in making those votes from outside the USA, guess who was winning by raking it in.

All that online campaign and voting - all for naught.

The Chief Justice's Revelations

I wanted to peek inside his script.
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To my mind, this was the big enchilada this week.

After months of staying away from the actual trial - but not television stations, radio programs, and other places where he could air his side without taking an oath - Corona finally took the witness stand in his own impeachment trial.

He took his seat.

He asked that he be allowed to speak, an "opening statement", if you will. Which we all thought would be a quick summary.

He proceeded with a three hour soliloquy.

He lambasted the government.

He brought up Hacienda Luisita.

He warned of consitutional crisis.

He said his relatives were all maligning him and his wife, that they were all liars, and what they said were all lies.

He made a Powerpoint presentation to refute Ombudsman Morales' similar presentation.

He made statements about a dead man - a relative - who could not be revived to defend himself.

He wept copious tears in certain parts of his "opening statement". (I wanted the television cameras to zoom in his prepared speech: did it say (Cry here)?)

He was defended by Enrile, when the prosecution wanted to question the propriety and regularity of what he was doing, and was given extremely wide latitude by the court. (It also allowed me to crunch numbers for many reports I had to do.)

He made a show of saying that he would sign the waiver that would allow banks to open his bank records.

He then challenged the 188 congressman who signed the impeachment complaint to do the same. And Senator Franklin Drilon.

He folded the waiver in his suit pocket, saying if they won't sign, then his signature also meant nothing.

He then said, in all his majesty, "And now, the Chief Justice of the Republic of the Philippines wishes to be excused."

He then walked out, head high, family members on cue to also walk out together with him.

He proceeds to a fire escape, because that's where diabetics who feel their symptoms coming on naturally go to. (More eye rolling.)

He is blocked from exiting, where Cristina asks "Is this Martial Law?"

He returns in a wheelchair.

He is now in the ICU of a hospital where his son in law is a doctor, and a relative sits as one of the hospital's board of something-or-other, confined for 48 hours.

A day we all thought the truth would finally surface.

A day we thought Corona would subject himself to the rigors of cross examination, being a lawyer and the highest justice of the land. A day we thought he would use evidence, not just sparring words, to refute all the allegations against him, being a lawyer and the highest justice of the land. A day we thought he would observe the most stringest of courtroom decorum, being a lawyer and the highest justice of the land. A day we thought would be the triumph of factual reasoning, and not of emotional propaganda, being a lawyer and the highest justice of the land.

After months of waiting, Corona enters the court, makes a speech and walks out.

All for naught.

Sayang lang.

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