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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Moving On, Andi Eigenmann Style

I guess we have to redefine "moving on" from now on.
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(1) Declare to everyone - especially on showbiz programs - that you are severing ties with the supposed father of your love child.

(2) Make more public declarations of how your child is now the center of your world/universe. (I actually chanced upon this interview of hers while flipping channels in the recent past.)

(3) Go to a "hip" bar, because nothing says you are a concerned mom of an infant than going to a bar. (Yes, I'm being sarcastic. In other words, I'm being me.)

(4) Upon seeing your ex in the same bar - and remember, you said that you have "moved on" - throw a glass of wine on his face. That ought to show him that you've really put this all behind him. (There is, of course, the matter of men beating up on alleged father of her child, Albie Casino, and her supposed involvement as claimed by Albie's mom. Let's wait for the police report. Or court case.)

(5) In other news, the Claudine-Raymart-Ramon bout has eclipsed this episode in local entertainment. And believe me, that match-up is really entertaining.


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  1. lol..... nice, we might wake up one day that Andi means "moving on"

    ~ Colors and Grays

    1. We should have a new committee of artistas that will determine definitions of words according to how it suits their lives. Cough, cough.