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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Message for Senators Escudero and Pimentel

So we don't matter?
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I saw a snippet of your interview this morning regarding the appearance of Chief Justice Corona today on his own impeachment trial. The interviewer wanted to know how much public opinion would weigh in your final decision regarding Corona.

Both of you answered that public opinion will not be a factor in any way when you arrive at a decision, in determining whether Corona is still fit to stay in his current position as Chief Justice.

Some notes:

(1) The impeachment proceedings - a political process.

(2) Why the need to televise the whole shebang if public opinion has no bearing on the proceedings naman pala? (anyway)

(3) Senators are also called Representatives. Which means you speak for us. If you say public opinion doesn't matter, who are you representing, then?

And finally, you do know your tenure is temporary at best, yes? Your evaluation will be a period known as "elections". If I remember correctly, candidates practically grovel and beg for votes during this time, walking in the sun, kissing babies, acting like teenybopper stars, singing and dancing, generally making a spectacle of themselves.

Strange stance for someone who fought tooth and nail for their position.
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Something Lady Gaga does, but at least she doesn't do it under the pretense of "public service".

So, a little refresher may be in order.

It's time to reacquaint you with the power of public opinion.

1 comment:

  1. Bit harsh if you don't mind me saying as if they feel that the evidence is un-convincing, then just because a bunch of Brainwashed ABS CBN devotees that dont watch the trial anyway say his guilty then i dont think they are worthy of being taken notice of. The senators are at the trial everyday accessing the case and there to make a judgment based on what they hear. So are what you are saying is that if the ones that dont watch it but take a view from ABS without knowing any details say his guilty,then the senators should listen to that, i think not, should they really be listening, i think not. They are the judges they are in the court everyday. Public opinion doesnt even watch it but they all scream guilty. No way should they be listening to public opinion as public opinion is not watching the trial and are not qualified to judge.