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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Thank You, Claudine

If you hadn't raised a big fuss about getting the CCTV video of the entire incident with columnist Ramon Tulfo to "prove" your innocence, we wouldn't have known that the cameras in the specific area where you were during the altercation are only there for decorative purposes.

Who knew the ferocity behind this face?
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If I recall from the trips I've had, passengers are charged: (PhP = Philippine Peso)
     PhP 1620.00     Travel Tax
     PhP   750.00     Airport Users Charge

That's a total of PhP 2370.00 collected from every passenger that departs Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

Question: Saan ba talaga napupunta ang mga kinokolekta? (Where do the collections really go?)

If we can't even have working surveillance cameras at the luggage area - presumably an important area since any detonation devices might be hidden in separate parts in the luggage of would-be terrorists - how can we convince foreigners that they are safe to travel here? If something did happen in this area - again, salamat (thank you) Claudine - where would we get a recorded visual of the event?

It may be time - long overdue, actually - for the government to just forego those fees. Mukhang di naman ginagamit sa nararapat na gamit at paraan. (It doesn't seem like the fees are used to purchase the right materials or is being used correctly.)

Calling on Sec. Mar Roxas of the DOTC (Department of Transportation and Communication) and the airport management, can you kindly clarify just how those fees are spent?

And now, in honor of you, Claudine, I'm posting a picture that's also going viral on Facebook. (Chun-Li has nothing on you, you should've been the lone female character in Street Fighter II.)

Street Fighter II would have gotten more sales here.
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  1. I know right? All the other international airports I've been to are better than ours and they don't charge a cent!!!

    1. You said it. I don't really know how they can do it in other countries and not in ours. (Insert corruption joke here. The joke is on us, of course.)

  2. Really nice post!!! It's about time. Though I don't think they'll let go of the fees. I'm sure they'll just come up with another lame ass excuse to keep it :(

    1. The excuses they can come up with to justify fees that have no results in real life are endless. If they put half as much brain power in making those fees work for the public good as they do with coming up with those justifications, this country may actually go somewhere.