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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We Are Watching You

All eyes here, now.
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It seems brief, but those four words are something that the senators should remember when they make a historic decision today, in the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Corona, as to whether he should be acquitted or convicted.

The prosecution and defense teams have stated their cases.

We were treated to a free circus show featuring a Screaming Banshee.

We were bored beyond belief at the seemingly never ending abilities of those who have studied and mastered the practice of law to engage each other in kilometric soliloquies, leaving most of us to wonder if they just love to hear their own voices.

In the end, it comes down to 23 votes.

The 23 senators who were also voted into office by the people.

It would do the senators good to remind themselves that they are the REPRESENTATIVES of the people. They were put in power - and precisely why they were Constitutionally mandated to be the judges for the impeachment of the Chief Justice - because this is a political process, and in a democracy, it is the will of the people that should reign supreme.

Whatever happens, we can all congratulate ourselves as a nation that we underwent this tedious, wrenching, sometimes painful process. It signifies one thing: we are maturing as a democracy.

And, just before the senators forget:

We are watching you. Do not make us regret why we voted you to your current positions.

We are watching you. Do not kid yourselves into thinking that public opinion has no bearing on the matter at hand. You are mandated to make concrete the will of the people.

We are watching you.

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