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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Isn't Katie A Non-Entity?

As far as the Catholic Church is concerned, that is.

Reminds one of Groucho Marx.
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Even if you were the least bit interested in showbiz news, anyone who is wired and connected the way this generation has become to the online world cannot escape a recent buzz: the divorce of Katie Holmes from actor Tom Cruise, who is considered a "senior" member of the Church of Scientology, if what I heard on a news item was correct.

Speculations were rife (they still are, even though the Church has issued a denial) that the biggest reason for the separation was the belief system of Cruise. There is no official word from either of the divorcing parties, hence the free-wheeling speculations.

But now comes the news that Katie has "registered" (is that the right term) as a Catholic "again" (this was the religion of her childhood and she converted to Scientology, and apparently, now wants out).

I'm not a Catholic, so help me out here.

If you get a divorce, doesn't that make you non-existent in the eyes of the Catholic Church?

If you're not considered "existing", how does that same person get a membership?


Anyone at all?

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