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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Blessing Of Angelica Jones

The bad weather forced me to stay home, which in turn gave me the chance to see bad TV, some of it, the good kind. (Get it?)

Enter Angelica Jones, erstwhile local actress and board member of some province.

Never a dull moment, for sure.
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I saw her years ago, and two things struck me off the bat: (1) why is she so TH (trying hard) to affect an American slang when she could speak freely in the vernacular and (2) is she on something? The phrase "train of thought" doesn't seem to register with her, she flits from one topic to another and really ends up making no sense whatsoever.

Which makes me erupt in a fit of giggles.

After her interview just now in a showbiz show (hosted by Lolit Solis and Joey de Leon), those same things still struck me, but with a third question: will her child be needing therapy?

Lolit Solis only had one question: bakit nauna ang pagbubuntis kaysa sa pagpapakasal? (Why did your pregnancy take place before the marriage?)

Angelica begins her response. It is so drawn out that it was the only question that was asked of her.

She begins by mentioning the father of her child, a doctor also in the province.

She then regales viewers with their plans for marriage.

She recounts how she has myoma, and how painful it is that she couldn't sleep some nights.

She threw in her position as part of some league of young legislators or public officials.

She also ate some fruit courtesy of Mike Velarde, as treatment for her myoma.

She went to many churches.

She then goes back to her wedding plans, scheduled for January 2013.

She makes a grim face, and proceeds to recount how she and the doctor haven't been together since Marsh. Yes, that is how she pronounces March.

She blames the "others" who do not want to see them happy as a couple, then also says that the doctor is not used to her celebrity stature so the "pressure" and "media" might have scared him off.

And when Lolit sarcastically remarks that after all of these (the long winded tale of her life thus far) that didn't really answer the question, she was still able to become pregnant, Angelica then uses the blanket statement:

It's a blessing.

The hosts were forced to cut her off because of the time she consumed, and while Lolit was loudly saying, "Bye! Bye!", you could hear Angelica trying to talk over Lolit (no small feat for anyone who knows the voice of Lolit Solis), thanking constituents from various places.

And my fit of giggles continues.

Salamat, Angelica, for the good bad TV I had the fortune of witnessing this damp, dreary, flood filled day.


  1. Hindi ko napanuod! Sayang!!!
    But just by reading your post tawa na ko ng tawa. :))

    1. To see and hear it in its full glory is to believe...and to scratch your head and say "what just happened?!?" :D

  2. Bwahaha. I hate her. Good thing I didn't get to watch it. Ewww.

  3. I know! How did she get a political position with her mental instability..

  4. Gossip from grapevine was that she actually has different "partners" she chose to claim the Dr as the father since he's the one who's single amongst them. Poor guy.