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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Riding on Bayo's Remains

That's how I see the recent ad of Belo.

In the vernacular, nakisakay.
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What leads me to say that is, if there's anything that can describe "celebrity" doctor Vicky Belo, it's that she is media-savvy: she has cornered the entertainment market (being associated with local celebrities and even showing up in entertainment programs) and parlayed their star power into business success. 

It makes it, therefore, incredulous if she will claim not to have known about the recent brouhaha that clothing company Bayo has figured in with their "percentage" ads. Someone who has her ear to the ground where popular culture is concerned, who makes it a point to be in the spotlight as much as she can - both professionally and personally - will not be credible if she says she knows squat about the recent "racist" controversy by that ad campaign.

The only conclusion I have is that she is in fact building on and stoking the controversy wave produced by Bayo. The Belo Men ad doesn't even bother hiding its homage with the placement of a percentage figure in a prominent spot. As we say in our native language, nakikisakay. (Riding on the coattails) 

And somehow, basing on how Belo has projected herself, it makes perfect sense.

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