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Monday, July 9, 2012

"It's Time People Know What We've Done."

That is how Cynthia Villar justified her numerous advertisements on television, showcasing the achievements of the Villar Foundation.

FYI, she says.
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On this morning's episode of Head Start with Karen Davila on ANC, Villar was asked a question sent online: "Is your ad early campaigning?"

She replied, "The ad is about Villar Foundation which has existed for 20 years. It's time people know what we've done."

Some questions:

(1) In your view, is this the end goal of all charities, so people may know "what we've done"?
(2) Why didn't you answer with a yes or no? Seemed like a direct question.
(3) Why should it matter if people know what "good works" you've done? 
(4) Are you saying no one is capable of doing charity without publicity as the end goal?
(5) What does that say about humanity and altruism?
(6) How much did an ad cost?
(7) Wouldn't the amount spent on TV advertisements so "people know" what you've done been put to much better use in actual projects that benefit the communities you supposedly "serve"?
(8) Shouldn't you wait for people to "recognize" your deeds and not push it in our faces?
(9) Isn't 2013 an election year for senators?
(10) Yes or no: Are you running for senator on 2013? No "justifications", please. Just yes or no.

I don't know about you, but the moment Villar said what the title of this post says, I felt incredibly insulted. And looking at the ANC thread where this was discussed, everyone else did, also.

We really should also discuss Escudero advertising for a school and some meat products, as well. But, for now, I would love to hear Villar's responses to these questions.

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