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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We're Not Working Our Senators Hard Enough

Or they must think what they were voted to do is just a part time job.

Leading man in both movies and the Senate.
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Sen. Bong Revilla hosts a weekly TV show and appears in various commercials for a university. And who can forget his role - "inherited" from his father, also a senator-actor - as Panday, which always rakes it in at the local film festival at year end?

I guess this clued Sen. Chiz Escudero into his current career track: aside from appearing in commercials for a meat product and also another school, I have seen him for about 2 weeks (purely by chance) now as a co-host for the morning talk show of presidential sister Kris Aquino. (Not sure if he's been hosting for two weeks straight or only on those particular days I chanced upon him.)

Your morning duo?
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Maybe being a senator isn't that hard a job at all. That's what I got from the example these two senators are showing.

What's the saying about people not always believing what you say but always believing what you do?

It's probably just odd timing that elections are fast approaching.

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